Michelle Mangen

Michelle Mangen

Michelle Mangen

Current  Job:

Virtual Assistant | Virtual Bookkeeper

Previous Job:

New Land Enterprises, LLP (Accountant/Executive Administrator)

Prospect Management Company (Accounting Assistant/Office Manager)

Miller-Valentine Group (Assistant to Controller)

Location: Sarasota, Florida

Bookworm. Horse Lover. Single Mom. Six-Figure Virtual Assistant. Oldest of Seven. I’m originally from Texas but now living in the Sunshine state. iTunes Addict.I’m good with numbers, so the natural thing for me to do was pursue an education in accounting and to see what that career path had to offer. I trusted my skill and knew that it would lead me in the right direction.

My first job was at about age 11 picking strawberries. From waitressing to receptionist for a front desk in a hotel, my most recent work experience resulted with six years in upper management at a roofing company in Beaumont TX.

I spent six years working with a Beaumont TX based real estate developer and property management company in upper management. Things weren’t always easy and the cliché goes, “necessity is the mother of all invention.” With a portfolio that grew faster than the existing staff and I could absorb, I was constantly challenged to determine quicker and better ways to deliver results with an ever-increasing workload. Fortunately, I’ve always been skilled in analyzing problems, quick to troubleshoot crises and deliver the best alternative solutions. As I implement new solutions, I constantly revise and “tweak” them until the process is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit and finally decided that if I “didn’t strike out on my own now” I never would. Being a Virtual Assistant allows me to assist many business owners, rather than just one as an employee.

Now, I am a Virtual Assistant that specializes in Bookkeeping, WordPress maintenance, Aweber and Social Media Marketing. Detail oriented. Highly motivated. Ability to learn and adapt quickly (excellent memory). Ability to understand, utilize various applications with little or no training.

I created Your Virtual Assistant so I can apply my knowledge in Accounting, Payroll and Excel and assist sole proprietors and small businesses by reducing the amount of time they spend on administrative and accounting tasks while helping them to achieve a better work/life balance. I will provide you with efficient, cost-effective virtual assistant services and valuable resources to grow your business and realize your full potential. Your Virtual Assistant’s office is located on the Gulf of Mexico in Sarasota, FL.

If you want ideas, new insights and committed high quality virtual services I encourage you to contact me.… Read the rest

April Sullivan

April Sullivan

April SullivanFree

Freelance Freedom #1

VA/Online Business Support Expert at EntreLeverage

Previous Job:

Real Estate, Insurance, Premium Finance and Executive Level Administration

Location    : Murrieta, California 92562


Growing up in an Entrepreneurial family gave her tremendous insight at a young age of what it took to run a business. That, coupled with a few years in “Corporate America” (at that big bank that kind of srewed over the real estate industry) April understood the challenges facing entrepreneurs. As founder and CEO of AgentLeverage and EntreLeverage, she took two fledgling, “operating from her kitchen” businesses to a level that many new virtual assistants only dreamed of.


“I get deeply involved with my client’s businesses, and I work directly with them on their goals.  My team of stellar Virtual Assistant’s carry out the tasks which are overseen by me.  This new business model has been a game-changer for me and my clients, and we’re all succeeding and reaching our goals like never before!”


In 2003 while 8 months pregnant with our third child, my husband decided to quit his secure job as an insurance agent and become a mortgage broker. I was a stay-at-home mom, and there was no money coming in. Our insurance was gone weeks before my due date, and he and his business partner were working on an 8-foot table in the middle of my living room. Needless to say, I wasn’t thrilled.


But as things progressed, we were able to open up our own concrete contractor in Baltimore. I took our new baby to work with me and developed systems, office policies, employee worksheets and training manuals. All of the things that are taken for granted when working for a large company where everything is done for you. After that, I began recruiting new agents to work with our company and developed marketing plans and action plans for the entire team.  Eventually, I realized that I needed to be home more often for my family and could just as easily do this work from there. Before I knew it, I had created my dream job!


By 2006, I had built a nice little business for myself and then stumbled upon the world of Virtual Assistance. I really had no idea that other people had the same dream that I had and were actually making it happen! I devoured all of the information that I could on Virtual Assistance, becoming a successful entrepreneur, and balancing my professional life with my family life.


Up until 2011, my focus was solely on real estate, because what I really loved was putting together marketing plans, listing plans, and building a client’s database from nothing into a powerful tool that pulls clients directly toward them, and helping them quickly and seamlessly close their sales.  I have since built up a team of Real Estate Virtual Assistants to help these clients just as I did through my teachings at REVA Academy.


Since then I decided to … Read the rest

Melissa Haddad

Melissa Haddad

Melissa Haddad

Owner at MH Virtual Assistant Services

Current Job:

MH Virtual Assistant Services

Previous Job:

Rogers Communications (Adminitrative Assistant and Receptionist)

Mercer (Administrative Assistant)

The Canadian Institute (Production Coordinator)

Medtec Marketing Limited (Senior Administrative Assistant and Assistant Office Administrator)

Location : Oshawa, Ontario L1K 1W9

In 2014, downsized for the second time in her career as a home stager in Baltimore, Melissa Haddad sent out resumes to companies across the Greater Toronto Area.  No one responded.  By chance, a friend asked if she had considered starting her own business as a virtual assistant.  In February 2015, assessing small business needs across Canada, Melissa founded MH Virtual Assistant Services to help small business owners find valuable solutions on saving money while providing the best possible options to move forward and grow their business.

In her first year of business, Melissa secured about a dozen clients around Toronto, Whitby, Oshawa, Bowmanville and even into Saskatchewan and through networking opportunities facilitated by her association, she has connected with other virtual assistants as potential business collaborators and has been approached for mentoring advice from those contemplating a move into the home-based industry.  She is humbled to have a small business trust her and always aims to exceed the expectations.  Her strength lies in connections and she continues to promote her clients, helping them grow in any way she can.

At 39, even before the first anniversary of her business, Melissa set her sights on expanding her business.  She has been interviewed by two newsletters, Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants (CAVA) and Administrative Assistant’s Update, October 2015 issues.  She has appeared on daytime Durham on Rogers TV and spoken at small business workshops and tradeshows.  “Failure is not an option,” she told Administrative Assistant’s Update.  “This is my dream.”  Melissa guarantees MH Virtual Assistant Services will provide an honest and reliable service.

Overall, Melissa has 20 years administrative experience in large and smaller companies.  She has worked for Mercer HR Consulting, which had many branches to the company and has since rebranded to Mercer; The Canadian Institute, which is a conference production company; Medtec Marketing, which was an x-ray supply and medical equipment company; and Medis, which has changed its name to its parent company McKesson.  All of the companies and positions were stepping stones for Melissa to learn and hone her skill to lead her to her true calling, a business owner.

Melissa is happily married to her college sweetheart.  They moved to Oshawa soon after they got married and continue to support the Durham Region.  They have two children, a 9 year old daughter and a 5 year old son.  She is able to work from home as the children are at school.  She always says, “They are my reason for starting my business.  I want my children to see that you can be whatever you want to be, but you must work hard for it.”

MH Virtual Assistant Services provides collaborative solutions for your business success so that you can … Read the rest